Derrick Cranpole discovered poetry during his time at sea, which took him from the Arctic to the Southern Ocean and from the Americas to the Red Sea.

Remembering bits of verse helped pass the long watches of the night. Back in the early sixties Cranpole found himself on the deck of a lobster boat. Despite many ups and downs he stayed at the fishing and he loved every day of it.

Many of his poems, recording his observations of life in a fishing community on the south coast of Ireland, have appeared in The Marine Times, Fishing News, Irish Skipper, Inshore Ireland and some have even been aired on radio.

A collection of his poems, including illustrations by the author, has been published under the title of A Woeful Tale. It is published by The Manuscript Publisher and is available to buy online as well as in all good bookshops. RRP €9.99 plus P&P.

It is also available in e-book editions, in all common formats, from Kindle and Smashwords.

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